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Work From Home was not comfortable before TACITINE introduced the new TOW (Tally On WAN) technology. Now with TOW, you can work TALLY at your home almost at the same speed of working from your office Desktop.

It has been successfully tested and implemented in many auditing firms, Companies and Various Manufacturing Industries; they have all acknowledged the higher performance. The best part of TACITINE TOW technology is NO need for additional licenses like RDP, CAL, Cloud or others. No need for any further investment on the servers. It’s just a matter of TOW enabled appliance with the reasonable speed of Internet bandwidth in your office. Later you can upgrade the same device as the world-class Information Security Firewall; its an added benefit comes at almost no extra cost.



Solution Requirements

  • Static IP (Optional)
  • Tally Server with Multi User Licenses
  • Office Internet pingable outside the Network
  • Remote & Central Site – Good reasonable Internet Bandwidth

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